Naaharbagh Rajgarh

Naaharbagh is a heartfelt creation of Raavi, a city-born woman who has blossomed into a true jungle enthusiast. Raised amidst the wilderness of Bahaargunj, her jungle farmhouse, Raavi's upbringing instilled in her a deep understanding of wildlife conservation from a young age. Encouraged by her parents, Ashok and Kirti, as well as her foster parents, Viny and Bhawna of Ken River Lodge, Raavi's journey into the heart of the Panna Tiger Reserve began.

Situated across the Ken River, Bahaargunj served as Raavi's sanctuary—a place where she absorbed the intricacies of the Indian jungle. With her beloved pet dog Ginger by her side, Bahaargunj became Raavi's nursery, school, and college, nurturing her love for the wilderness.

Under Raavi's stewardship, Naaharbagh embraces the 'Farm To Table' ethos, boasting an extensive in-house vegetable garden and offering a culinary journey that includes local Bundelkhandi Cuisine. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in rural life, participating in farming activities and learning the art of cooking on a traditional wood chulha.

Conscious of its environmental impact, Naaharbagh prioritizes sustainable practices, from supporting local employment to promoting indigenous art and culture. Respect for local customs is paramount, with guests encouraged to dress appropriately and seek permission before capturing moments with the local community.

Our suites, cottages, and tents exude warmth, designed to rejuvenate and inspire. Positioned to offer stunning views of the jungle and Maniagarh Hills, every space at Naaharbagh sparks imagination and tranquility.

The Naaharbagh team comprises local village boys whose genuine enthusiasm ensures each guest experiences the essence of rural hospitality. With their unwavering dedication, they strive to ensure every moment spent at Naaharbagh is unforgettable, leaving guests with smiles and cherished memories.

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