Gir Birding Lodge

The Gir Birding Lodge stands as a testament to the power of transformation. Once barren land has blossomed into lush Kesar Mango orchards and verdant canopies, creating an inviting haven for a diverse array of bird species. Here, the enchantment of birdwatching begins right at your doorstep.

Adjacent to the esteemed Gir National Park, the lodge sprawls across 22 acres, serving as an ideal launchpad for exploring the wonders of the surrounding forests. Its strategic location provides guests with unparalleled opportunities to observe Gir Lions and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Whether you seek leisurely nature walks through the Maldhari areas, thrilling safaris in the Gir Forests, or captivating bird photography sessions, our team of expert naturalists is at your service. From guided birding walks to expertly crafted hide photography and herpetology excursions, we ensure every aspect of your wildlife experience is enriching and memorable.

Should you require equipment for your adventures, simply inform us in advance, and we'll make the necessary arrangements. Additionally, we take pride in offering a curated library of natural history resources to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the region's biodiversity.

At Gir Birding Lodge, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature's transformation and embark on unforgettable journeys into the heart of Gujarat's wilderness.

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